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Ktorý je tenký a hrubý napínač?


Thenapinak is mainly made of copper, iron and other materials, and the surface is electroplated. It is generally used with chains and open rings; it is mainly used for toy accessories, craft jewelry accessories, gift accessories, etc. as pendants or decorations; its characteristics are There is a nut at the opening for locking, which is beautiful and safe. Among them, the napinak manufactured by Aobi Accessories Products Co., Ltd. is not easy to rust and is flexible in use.

There is no contrast between the quality of the fine buckle and the thick buckle. As long as it meets the standard, it is good. Whether to use a thin napinak or a thick napinak is determined according to the location. In some places, thick napinaks must be used, and thick napinaks must be used in some places. If the force is large, the thread bite accuracy is required. If it is not high, it must be a thick napinak. If it is a thread with high accuracy requirements, it must be a fine napinak.